My Love Story

April 19, 2012
By Gianna Guido BRONZE, Basel, Other
Gianna Guido BRONZE, Basel, Other
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I can remember that day,
Like it was just yesterday
It was just my family and I
The boring days barely passing by

We had gone on a trip
It was a dull cruise ship
There was nothing to do
Except sit around looking blue

But just then
I can remember when
He walked into the room
And my heart began to bloom

He, my love Joe was there
His sparkling brown eyes and gorgeous glowing hair
At that moment I knew
He was the one to make all my dreams come true

He walked towards me
And my face filled with happiness and glee
We began to talk
And after, he persuaded me to take a walk

He told me something breath-taking
I knew I had begun shaking
He said “I love you”
And we both knew it was true

We began to date
By attending fancy parties and going out late
Then finally that day came
He asked the question that was not to blame

We were to be wed
And that is enough said
I could finally say “I do”
To the man in which my love grew

When the day finally reached
I almost screeched
We held onto each other
And thought only about one another
All at once our lips had touched
I could feel my blood as it rushed
We were now man and wife
And I could start a marvelous new life

I moved into his quaint little home
Where there were little places to roam
But I loved it because he was there
And I was able to breathe in the fresh air

Then there was news that I was to give birth
To a baby who like their father would be so down to earth
When my husband heard the news he leapt for joy
We wondered if it was going to be a girl or boy

But then my dear husband announced he must go
He had to go on a business trip I know
After he departed I heard unfortunate word
My husband had died of something unheard

I cried for a while
Then I tried to make a smile
I knew he was in a place that was better
Wrapping his arms around me like a sweater

Then came the time
For the baby to become mine

My precious little son
To whom no harm could be done
I named my little baby Joe
So he would remember and know

How his father was so great
And how he could never wait

Now I have grown so old
My aches, pains, and body that always seems cold
I love to hear my grandkids laugh and giggle
And watch them fidget and wiggle

My son has grown up
He didn’t stay my little pup
My family makes me smile and warms my heart
And everlasting love that I could never part

Now I rarely ever shed a tear
But every so often one draws near
It drops on the picture of my love
The one I always speak of

And that is my love story from beginning to end
The story of my love, my dear, and my best friend

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