April 20, 2012
By ag1d17011998 BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
ag1d17011998 BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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i am the one who has to die when the time comes for me to die so why are you telling me what i should do with my life
oscar wilde

Why are you being pushed around ,
Like a mere puppet in their hands
Listening to their every whims and whines
Just so you could be with them

Why have you changed so much
Don’t you remember the time when
You and I used to sit in the swings and talk
About how much you hated them

U have cut your hair, U now smoke and drink
This is not who you are or should I say were
Remember the time when you cried
When u say a dead puppy on the road

You pushed me away when I tried to help you
Its scares me that you have changed so much
And makes me wonder
have i changed to ?

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