between finger and thumb my feelings go numb

April 20, 2012
By MillyW. BRONZE, Ulsan, Other
MillyW. BRONZE, Ulsan, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Words as empty as the wind are better left unsaid.

A risk
an open wound

it is what defines us as human? yes?

its emotional colds, dramatic fevers, a caressed disease
everything has it's extremes

if only logic was the pending option

balance is a false hope that cannot be held between finger and thumb. We experience one crease between the narrow of the lips yet creeping behind the wrinkled brow is a counter attack yielding its trick.

Happiness which lies buried deep as years repeat
proves harder to find as we dig deep,dig deep,
In youth that flees
Thus harder to hold between finger and thumb.

Between finger and thumb my feelings go numb

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