A Forty-Foot Tale

April 20, 2012
By TheBeautifulDancer GOLD, Putnam, Connecticut
TheBeautifulDancer GOLD, Putnam, Connecticut
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Rapuzel lived in a tower,
With a kitchen and a bed and a shower,
Her golden hair was 40 feet long,
And sparkled and shown when she sung a song,
Flynn Rider had just stolen a crown,
And scaled her tower with just his arms,
Pascal, a chameleon, licked his ear,
And confirmed that Rapunzel had nothing to fear,
A little bit later when Flynn could hear,
The ringing of a frying pan still in his ears,
They set of on a quest to find some lights,
Floating in the sky every night,
They were not starts for they only appeared,
On Rapunzel's birthday, every year,
After meeting a horse and some goons too,
The duo snuck in a walked down a rue,
A castle in front and some guards behind,
They found out what Rapunzel's mom had been hiding,
Stolen as a baby from her warm little castle,
With a ma and a pa and a servent and master,
Rapunzel was a princess by blood and by name,
And was kept in a tower, just the same,
Soon after this revelation had come,
Rapunzel found that she was in love,
With a young, handsome man named Flynn Rider,
Who'd stolen her crown and now was after,
A little thing that went pitter-patter,
Rapunzel's heart was all that mattered.

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