A Forest Reverie

April 20, 2012
so calm were the hours,
so blissful were the sounds,
When last I walked this forest in remembrance.
As a mere child,
I hadn't a worry in mind;
My vivid image of life had yet to be soured.
As others busied themselves with futile needs,
M days were joyfully spent in the forest.

But as I stop by my forest- my forest no more,
striding beneath the surreal sky,
obligations fall upon my soul like rain.
No longer am I drawn to climb the oak's endless branches,
Or listen to the melody of the bird's symphony as I once did.
Perhaps my adventuresome passions were broken,
When at last the burden of responsibility faced me.
Regardless of the reason,
the transitory pleasures have been drowned by the ticking of a clock,
Resounding in my ears like my own heart.

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