April 20, 2012
The pressure to be perfect.
The pressure I can't bare.
The pressure I have.
The pressure not to be a reject.

So much expectations.
When do I live in peace?
When do I finally become me?
Less of an acception...

The pressure to be what YOU want me to be.
The people's expectations in the palm of my hands..
So much weight on my shoulders..
I can't be perfect I mean... look at me.

The daughter you once knew...
She's gone...
I'm gone...
You have no idea what I go through.

So much bruises.
So much scars.
But you don't know.
About me your practically clueless..

I don't need help.
I need the happiness I long for.
The silent screams.
The silent yelps...

The soon to be goodbye...
The soon to be me..
The soon to be someone...
Someone you'll never see..

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