April 20, 2012
Take a closer look at the work that lies within,
Every line and every feel of what you see in the end
Can you see the screaming buried in the work?
Working through the screams and rage is in no way a joke

Working through the ignorance of people who pretend
That you had nothing to do with what is seen in the end
Screaming in a desperate hope that somebody will see
The work you’ve done to make the things that happen come to be

Take a longer gaze at the work that lies within
Can you see the hesitation hidden in the past
The moment in time that froze and didn’t want to start again
The doubt that it would matter if you let the silence last

Can you hear the painful screams because nobody cared?
Enough to look deeper in to see the hurt that’s there
Betrayed by those who saw the work and didn’t stop to see
The pain and anguish you endured to make it come to be

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