The Stand

April 16, 2012
By Hollyhomer BRONZE, Carpenter, Wyoming
Hollyhomer BRONZE, Carpenter, Wyoming
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OK my Friends or not so much,
It’s time to make a stand,
Against the age of bullying and people of our age.
We see it in the halls,
And everywhere in between,
So why does no one take a stand to care, but me?

Sport Teams say “we are all so close”
But isn’t life a game,
High school is just a part,
So shouldn’t we all live as one?

We say mean things to hate each other.
To bring each other down.
We don’t look in the mirror,
To see the damage we have done.
We all laugh and joke,
And smile,
At the hurt we have done,
But when it happens to us,
We say grow up and cut the drama down.

We say just kidding, that was just a joke,
Jezz you are way to serious,
Sure fun and games are great,
But what about when you don’t belong,
When you are told you don’t deserve to live, or to be born?
Is that suppose to be a joke,
Or more a threat.
When people spit in your food,
Hoping you won’t notice?

Just because someone is different,
You do these things to people?
Because they are outgoing,
Any of these reasons,
Are still not a reason to be a bully,
The smaller person.

How would you feel,
Then when the victim,
Of all that violence,
By the act of God,
Shall somehow die tomorrow,
They never heard your apology.
You lived with the guilt of knowing,
YOU made their day,
Worst on this Earth,
Then showing them kindness,
Through a simple smile,
A “Hello”, or ONE day TOOK A STAND!
The real question is do you think,
What you do?
Is what you SHOULD do?
If not maybe you should think,
Because maybe one day,
There might not be a tomorrow,
Then WHAT?

That is what you all have to decide.
What YOU want to do to MAKE a CHANGE,
Negative OR positive,
If YOU want to MAKE a STAND,
To support Bullying or Stand against.
And to Remember…
“and Love your Neighbor as Yourself.”
You might just go far……

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece after I had some issues and school and needed a way to express myself.

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