We are (are we?) human.

April 16, 2012
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I am a human;
With my emotions;
With my insecurities.
I am blessed,
To always feel so un at ease.

I am a human;
With my ravaging mind;
With my wandering lusts.
I am blessed,
To always feel distrust.

I am a human;
With my blanketing statements;
My irrational decisions.
I am blessed to make such mistakes with such a lack of precision.

I am a human;
With my squandering tongue;
With my misplaced steps.
I am blessed to be able to misdirect.

I am a human;
With my lack of courage;
With my precarious girth.
I am blessed to lack much worth.

I am a human;
With my blackened heart;
With my smoke damaged lungs.
I am blessed to to have my neck wrung.

I am a human;
With my lovely environment;
With my lack of respect.
I am blessed with being able to be indirect.

I am a human;
With my feelings that deceive;
With my chest that breathes.
I am blessed to only occasionally bleed.

We are human;
And we are pitiful;
Even thinking about us is a mouthful.
We are human;
A despicable race;
Decrepit creatures.
How the gods laugh at our features.

We are human;
With our indulgence;
Thinking we arrived by happenstance.

We are human;
If we only knew how our time was fleeting.

We are human;
How the world would survive if we had much class.

We are human;
How we have become to be so tasteless.

We are human;
And I am certain that our demise, the Earth is plotting.

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