My inner me is my enemy

April 16, 2012
By ProsperousWoman BRONZE, Houston, Texas
ProsperousWoman BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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hate my enemy
don't trust my enemy
keep my enemy closer
then my friend.
destroy my enemy before
my enemy destroys me.
... Isn't that
the order of things?
soul stripped of
it's spirit
heart hardened
p a r a l y z e d
melanin in skin irritate
and disgust
broad nostrils inhale
sour odor of self hatred.
strong structure weakened
by sustained ignorance
mind set on
p r e d e s t i n e d
nappy hair hassles
along with full lips
that spit
o b s c e n i t i e s
to thick thighs
round hips
and backside.
deep brown eyes
reflect envy of
a different hue.
my inna'me
is my enemy

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