Who Am I?

April 16, 2012
I am me…people try to change me, people try to change who they are…but whoever said that by just being yourself was the hardest thing to do…was right, because I need to find out who I truly am…am I ‘normal’? am I ‘broken’? or am I just down right ‘depressed’?

Who am I? that is the question that always makes me feel like I don’t belong here. Even thought I now know that sooner or later, I will be gone…I just hope its ‘sooner’ rather then ‘later’.

I don’t like being here, because I can never be happy again…because I need to find out who I really am before I can make a choice, a decision, that will change everything about me forever.

Don’t make me regret anything that I have done…don’t make me realize that living here was for nothing…and please don’t try to change me anymore…I am me…I am like this for a reason…only I know the reason and no one else can change that.

Who am I? Who are you? What is this thing we call ‘life’ and ‘death’? Can I still be me and be happy? Or must I be me and stuck in depression? I am fine and happy either way…for I am me…and no one can change that…

Who Am I? Who Are You? Why Do I Belong Here?

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