April 16, 2012
Fighting, lying, cheating, screaming,
crying, stealing. All things that my
brother does just because he can.
Creating massive arguments over
petty situations, always getting me
involved. Mischievously lying and
getting others in trouble is how he
prides himself.

I can see in his worry-less eyes who
boast pride, knowing he has gotten
to me. There is no other way but his,
and if what he wants is not received
immediately, tears start pouring,
screaming for attention.
Always getting his way, no matter the
situation, frustration builds like a tower
about to topple as I notice his annoying
smirk. His irking smile sharpens,
his mischievous eyes narrow and I can
feel my heart beating faster and faster
as the contained anger builds quickly.

There is constant irritation that never
seems to end.

Giving up, giving in and giving chances.
Not knowing how much more I can give
before I break.

Always wanting what I have,
no matter what it is. “Borrowing”
my things when never given
permission. His condescending attitude
when around his friends only
creates more tension that will soon
explode, leaving him with regret for all
that he has done. Always trying to do better
than me in everything I do, which only
adds to my growing frustration as I clench
my teeth and narrow my stare.
Despite what he’s doing, it always seems
to pester me. Saying I am mean to him,
although it’s only what he deserves
for all the challenges I suffer through.

And the worst part, is that he doesn’t
even seem to care. He says that I annoy him,
but only if he knew what he does to me.

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