Why the Good Die Young

April 16, 2012
Why do the good die young?
We’ve all heard it been said, but rarely thought of the meaning.
In reference to dying,
does it really mean dead?
Now-a-days, the youth are struggling in a dying society.
They beg with their eyes to be saved,
as they plunge the sword of the world into their faltering soul.
The “American Dream”, in reality, is who can out last their neighbor.
As the years go by, more and more of the young find out the truth,
and it kills them, beats them into heartless lumps.
In truth, I am no exception,
having verbally abused those who get in the way of my dream.
I feel the death breathing down my neck just like all of my predecessors.
The good die young because that’s the only way to not lose yourself.
There’s really no salvation, in this crying, dying world.
We have to steel ourselves to the point where there’s nothing left,
sometimes living is harder than dying.
Death, in this case, is a release.
So, that, my friends, is why the good die young,
Because the young can’t handle reality.

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