A Drifting Gypsy

April 17, 2012
By Stephylynnvd BRONZE, Corning, New York
Stephylynnvd BRONZE, Corning, New York
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Favorite Quote:
The end is were you hope you never say
"I coulda done it better"
I'm gonna keeps what counts
& throw away what doesn't really matter
& I wanna die
On the highest high

No one said he had to be a saint
No one ever expected him to be perfect
He tried to act like nothing bothered him
Like that rain cloud wasn’t towering over
His knees fell weak and his strength fell to the ground
His past lurks in the shadows
A cat awaiting a mouse
The flawless, struggles with flaws
A crow skulking around his space
Dreams to distant to see
But that boulder is just another pile of pebbles
Once stable now a drifting gypsy
A big fish in a tank
Shrunk into a small fish in the sea
A tiger surrounded by lions
Fight your mind
And what it thinks it needs
You’re falling victim to the death-trap
Laid out by the devil
Preying on the weak and the vulnerable
Everyone watches the fallback
Too frustrated to waste their breath
Like deception is on them
Get up, stand tall
Don’t let the devil knock you down
No one wants to see him win you

The author's comments:
This was inspired by someone I care about who suffers from substance abuse. It's Hard for me to take. it breaks my heart. Youve got to be supportive

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