In My Shoes

April 17, 2012
By Ciara_Nicole97 BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Ciara_Nicole97 BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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No one can seem to think through that it's not easy being you.
You've had problems in the past and to this day you still do.
People call you names like it's a normal part of their day.
Wanting you to scream and cry out in pain.
They think it's funny to get you mad and upset.
They think it's funny to make you an emotional wreck.
Do they ever think that when you go home
your parents are drunk and they beat you to the bone?
Do they ever think that when you come to school
it's the only escape from your physical and mental abuse?
No one understands the life you have to live
The things you have to go through when you're only just a kid
You need to fight back by standing up for yourself
And maybe you'll gain the strength to ask someone for help.
The sooner you make this move, the sooner you can relax
And get all of these troubling issues finallly off your back.

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