Child Slavery

April 17, 2012
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Their cries for freedom were once heard
In an era where slavery was understood
They were beaten, starved and deprived
Of the life they should've been living
Picking cotton all day their hands bled
In hope that they would get fed
They sang and danced to praise the Lord
Praying he would come through and free them from the harsh world
What we did then was wrong
But who knew it was not gone?
In the present day
Slavery has not gone away
Children still suffer
Children still starve
They’re still paying
For things they haven’t done
Some work in fields
Factories or homes
Some are forced to fight
In a war that isn’t their own
Some call this Kony 2012
I say it’s not right
We thought we had gotten so much better
In the U.S. of course,
Our slavery ended years ago
But what about the world around us?
Within many countries slavery is still here
Locking up kids to a life that isn’t for them
They don’t deserve this
Nobody does
We sit back and watch
As if someone else will help
We need to act
These kids have no one else
Please help end child slavery
Not in a moment
Not in a second
We need it pronto
We need it now.

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