human rights

April 17, 2012
By , dallas, TX
My mother drops me off at the door

while you walk miles in danger

My feet are warm in shoes

while yours are cold and bare

My day may seem like a burden

while for you it would be a privaledge

My studies seem too much

while yours are not enough

My meals come three times a day

while yours may not come at all

My extra time is spent in fun

while yours is spent in labor

My plentiful water is clean and clear

While yours is distant and dirty

My head sleeps on a pillow

While yours lies on the ground

My parents expect me too continue school

While yours may have you stop

My body grows and grows

While yours is small and stunted

My sickness is treated by a doctor

While yours may mean the end

My life is filled with learning

While for you learning would be life

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