Look And See

April 17, 2012
By DarkErica16 BRONZE, Thomaston, Connecticut
DarkErica16 BRONZE, Thomaston, Connecticut
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Love your haters they are your biggest fans.

Look an try to see
Do you see
Is it invisible
Or are you wanting to make it harder on people
The people that are real 
The ones that cant see
You immature them like
Like its what the want you to see
But really it what you have to see
Its not gonna hurt to see
Not like it will kill you
You only see what is wanted 
Not by other but by yourself 
People try to help
But you still wont open your eyes to see
What is needed 
Maybe someday 
You will understand
Why these people did this
To make you see
But until then 
You keep you eyes closed 
Live in what you only want and think
But when the time comes 
You'll know 
You should of listen 
To the people 
They weren't there to 
Cause bad 
They tried to help

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