The Girl Named Sally

April 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Sally wasn’t always this way
She use to smile all day long
Nothing would stand in her way
But now that has changed, she will never belong

Poor Sally
She will never know what it’s like to be normal again
It’s almost like her innocents was taken
Like it was meant to be
We all know the truth, it is not mistaken

She had known all along this would happen
For he was an evil man
But she is young
He does what he can
Only to hurt such a pretty girl

Sally thought it was love
All he saw was someone to fool around with
How could she have known
The only thing she knew about him was he went by the name Aerosmith
Poor Sally

It was dark that night, she took off to see him
She kept telling him no
But he didn’t listen
She wanted to go
Poor Sally

He took her innocents away
She can never get them back
He never loved her
Now all she can do is attack
Attack the memories, the pain and the suffering
This is the girl named Sally

The author's comments:
Sad, but very true.

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