Where I'm From Poem: A Slave

April 17, 2012
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I am from chains and no shelter,
From my master’s orders.
(Cruel, harsh, it was so hard.)
I am from the dry dirt in which we walked on everyday with no shoes.

I am from lack of food and clothes,
I am from my parents, who tried so hard to take care of me,
From keep going! And don’t slow down!
I am from not going to school,
And not being able to read.

I am from sleeping with no blankets,
From trying to save my friends.
From my master yelling at me,
And getting severely hurt,
Mentally and physically.

At night when I am alone,
I think of what I could have been
Maybe a doctor or an architect,
Those dreams will always be there.
I am just another slave,
Waiting to be saved.

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