Should I?

April 17, 2012
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It’s a hard thing to do:

Such a strong word,
Crucial, powerful, meaningful.

Who deserves forgiveness?
The short haired brunette boy with round cheeks, big green eyes, and that cute smirk he always has in his face?
Or, how about the short, stocky, darker girl with large naturally bouncy curls and brown eyes?
Both of them have done you wrong.

How do you make the decision?
Is what you had worth the pain you have gone through?
Long endless hours of stomaching laughter together;
Smiles spreading across your face, showing white pearly teeth at the sight of them;
The warm embrace of their arms tightening around you;
All shattered by the pain you feel for what they have done.
They have caused:
Your broken heart, the empty pit inside your stomach, the confusion of all the feelings swirling inside your head.

How can you forgive someone who has hurt you?
Is what they have done worth your forgiveness?

They have betrayed you, the one person you thought that never would.
You can see the sorrow on their pitiful face:
The hurt in their eyes,
The pain spread across that face you once knew,
The quivering lip as the tears stream down.
They know they have done wrong and they hurt too because they have hurt you.
You have lost all trust in them.
The years you have spent building it is now shattered.

Can you leap back into trusting them again?
Can you forgive them and move on?
Are they worth it?
Do you want what you had back?

The questions fly, struggle, race through your mind,
Searching for the answers.

But they are lost.

Can forgiveness bring back what was once had?
Fix everything?
Or is the mistake stuck in the mind forever?

Should I forgive you?

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