Racing Time

April 17, 2012
By Suria3 BRONZE, Thornhill, Other
Suria3 BRONZE, Thornhill, Other
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Watch the time dissolve at the end of the day
Reflects one’s life as it fades away
And every second that is wasted
Brings out, doubt, spite, and hatred
For regrets darken the blow
And he who wastes life
Is his own foe
Time is the thief of life
Promises turn into lies
Then you ask yourself why?
Stop asking yourself why, and start asking how?
How does it happen?
We’re moving so quick
No moment ever lasts
In the blink of an eye the moment had passed
Have you ever watch kids on a marry-go-round?
Or listened to the rain tapping on the ground?
I bet you’ve never taken the chance, to stop and smell roses before summer is over
And before you knew it there was snow in the skies
I noticed the snowflake on the lashes of my eyes
In that moment, it felt like living in a dream time
But now the moments keep dancing away from me
I run and the time keeps slipping away from me
As the hours keep turning to days
And the clocks keep ticking away
The seconds are slipping through my fingers
The time ticks too quick
I just want to slow down
The music doesn’t last, and
Life isn’t a race
It’s time to take things slower
And listen to the music
Before the song is over

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