Life in High School, Anonymously Written

April 18, 2012
By Zalcon BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Zalcon BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
Nothing is forever, but make what you can out of today.

One who seems to stand by your side
Stabs you in the back and walks away
To the arms of another you never knew
And proudly proclaims to them
I love you
Yet just the other day
They said the same to you
A time to love, a time to hate,
Neither seems true today
No feeling, besides betrayal, you use
To express your mind in a confused state
Now you see it was just a ruse
You got played by a person
Who said you were their dream,
Their fantasy,
And yet, now you seem like a person
Who, besides all their efforts
Was in a play
And was too blind to see
As the curtain closes, now you can try
To understand, WHY?
Why this happened to you
This should never happen to a
Relationship with you
Never has it happened before
And you vow
It will never happen again
But, as you walk out the door,
They call to you, and, yet again
They run up and say, just like before,
I love you too
But now, as the one you loved looks you in the eye,
Pleading, please stay,
Without a tear, you can now say
Sorry, but you've made your choice
It's time for me to leave
So, as you walk out the door, they watch
And weep, because
They didn't think you would catch on
Your final words to them:

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