That Which Defines U(s)

April 18, 2012
falling gently
don’t look down
assembling imaginary escape
in your surrendering mind
violet memories
fill your eyes
like a window
to your soul
you unwind with caution
letting the sweet wind carry you away
thankful for the chance to explore
pleased with the pleasure of solitude
entirely wanting to be here
a swirl of adrenaline,
a rush of anxiety
and you’re remembering how you got here
it’s quiet in your mind
until you give in
where your rhythmic, hesitant voice
echoes with uncertainty
you’re lost
but you’re not alone
fly far away
your wings carry no limits
you’re not dragged down by any burdens
weight that leads you to be free
free somewhere that you love
with or without
you open your heart
you settle down somewhere
you find someone else
and you catch someone’s eye
and then you know
it will never be the same

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