April 18, 2012
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They broke your legs
to stop your spirit from travelling
confining you in hopes
that your soul would start unravelling

They shattered your arms
in attempts to stop you from embracing life
beat each one good
trying to beat out what was right

They crippled your back
trying to belittle and make you weak
hunching you over so you could not look to
the guidance you seek

They chained your hands
so you could not lend them
could not hold or help
for they broke when they bent

They cut off your ears
so you could not hear the pleas and cries
limited to the false they were feeding you
forcing down their lies

They gagged and closed your mouth
so your voice couldn't be heard
your thoughts left unspoken
no soothing words to reassure

They covered your eyes
so you could not see what was being done
your world getting a little more destroyed
with every rise and fall of the sun

They, those people who didn't understand,
they beat abused and ridiculed you
but through it all, through the torture
there was something they couldnt do

Your heart.
they couldn't capture break or bend it
they couldn't change it's beat or passion
no matter how hard they kicked or hit

No, through it all
you never turned out the light
you never stopped believing in what is right
you never gave up the fight

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