When He Says The Right Things

April 18, 2012
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When he says the right things you admire his integrity. He says he’ll support you to go further, when he has an envious restrain on your future dreams. He says there’s no one else, when the other girl is on the next line. He says he’ll never do it again, when he’s doing even more. He says that you’re his better half, when three other girls are persuaded by the same story. He says that he’ll wait until your ready, when he pressures you every night. But the funny part about it is, he says that he loves you, when he never means a word he says to you. So what do you do while he’s saying this? You remain waiting faithfully in question about when he’s going to faithfully mean all the right things he says. Finally you break it off, and later the truth comes out, that all the right things he said was not only being said to you. And then you start to suffer form his caused distress so much that when someone else becomes interested, you don’t have the compassion to say yes. Because you don’t want him to say all the right things.

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