I Am Like a Flower

April 18, 2012
By Anonymous

I am like a flower
I started from a little seed
And as time went on
I bloomed into many things

I am like a flower
My roots keep me firm and strong
And starts me up again
If I ever trip or fall

I am like a flower
My stem helps keep my head held high
It represents my body
That protects me inside

I am like a flower
I have a numerous amount of petals
That represents what I’m feeling
And shows my different colors

I am like a flower
The seed coat is my head
It protects the seeds safe inside
Dreams that never go dead

I am like a flower
In order to survive
I need water, air, and sunlight
A key to stay alive

I am like a flower
A beautiful piece of art
With all my positive hopes and dreams
I can definitely make it far

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