April 18, 2012
By Deighton BRONZE, Fonthill, Other
Deighton BRONZE, Fonthill, Other
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The world sleeps soundly as I sit
serenading the counting sheep
insomnia is a beautiful thing
the day doesn’t compare to the nights so deep

the twinkle of a million stars is brighter than anything else
anything else in the world I’d ever see
Oh it seems I’m incapable of love
because even sleep has broken up with me

but that’s alright for me dear friends
because I have my own affair going on
it’s my heart syncing up to the sound
of the cricket’s distant song

the sun, the day, the other human beings
some times they can be too much for the weary soul
but world at rest, with nothing around to disturb
that sight is the most beautiful thing I have ever stole

Maybe my heart doesn’t belong to a man
maybe it belongs to the bright side of the moon
maybe I’m not meant to fall for another
maybe it’s the 3am breeze that’s meant to make me swoon

maybe I’m not meant to be warmed by the sun
but cooled by the night sky
the day is a waste it seems
the night, what better way to spend my time?

the night, some say, is a place of mystery
too far off for most to venture
well it’s the place I myself feel so very safe
it’s the one place I feel so very sure

maybe it’s because the night’s different
maybe it’s simply because I’ve lost my mind
but a stroll through the night sky
makes me want to be restless all of the time

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece one night when I couldn't sleep. Instead of wrestling with my slumber, I picked up a pen and wrote about how beautiful that night was, because most people don't get to properly experience the world at 3am.

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