Your Gone

April 18, 2012
I Screamed Your Name
Out Till My Throat Burned,
My Face Red And Wet
With Tears, And My Eyes
Blood Shot Red And Puffy.
When I Saw Your Body
I Felt Like I Couldn't
Breath, Like The Air I
Breathed Didn't Even Exist.
You Where The One Who
Was Supposed To Protect
Me, The One Who Was
Always Suppose To Be
There, You Were My Hero.
Now Your As Cold As
A Stone. You Can't
Protect Me No More. That
Hurts You Know, You Where
My Shield, I Love You Tho.
But When I Screamed
Your Name, To My Surprise
I Didn't Get No Reply, All I
Got Was The Echoes Of
My Painful Cries.

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