Letter to my loved ones.

April 18, 2012
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You knew what happened.
You thought you could fix everything.
Mend the heartbreak you created.
You only tired to give everything I ever needed.
You need it just to understand.
But where is love?
The love is dead.
And now look I am gone.

You say you don’t have any regrets.
That you don’t have any worries.
But what about my little sister.

She’s all you got.
The last thing of family you truly have.

Olivia, I love you.
And I am more then sure that mommy loves you too.

There will be a day where we will reunite.
That one day that I will finally see you.
You don’t have to remember me, because I already know that you are my sister.
Even though we have a ten year age difference,
But I want you to remember this.

I didn’t want us to be separate.
I could not control that.
And only if I could you would be by my side.
Right here.
Like pen and paper writing the story of a million words.
I would have raised you as my daughter because you deserve that.

I love and miss you with an unbearable pain.
I could just think about how much you grow.
Everyday I miss your smile, how you made me laugh, and how you took your first steps with me.
I feel like that day was just yesterday.
But I remember that day,
where I saw you and you didn’t have a clue who I was.
That truly killed. I was dead.
You don’t know how much I want you here with me.

One day I will find you
And I hope I won’t ever have to here those cold words again.
Who are you?
Ever again
Because I love you.

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