Small important journal

April 19, 2012
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You wonder what shes feeling but you know she cant say it out loud.
Shes used to hiding her feelings because she cant fit in the crowd.
Every word she writes has distressed meaningful thoughts.
sometimes she feels like shes trapped in a box.
so much enclosure and so little time she loses herself and even her mind.
Hatred, envy and jealous too.
you would never expect her words could dig into you.
writing down the memories of her unspoken past.
courage and strength is something she lacks.
she writes down everything she feels and never looks back.
small important journal you have a lot to hold your even holding part of her soul.
day by day page by page she writes in you when shes in rage.
small important journal you have a lot to symbolize.
from the day she was born to the tears that fell from her eyes.

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