April 18, 2012
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They say it’s not my fault;
It was inevitable,
But still the guilt inside of me
Harbors pain that never leaves.
The word even sounds scary.
It’s happened
And it may be my fault.
If I had done better in school,
If I had stayed home more often,
If I had not back talked,
IF I had not caused more issues,
Would they still be together?
If I was not around, not ever born,
Would they still have lived happily ever after?
No spoiled little princess to disturb their peace;
Just a king and a queen ruling their kingdom.
Would their kingdom be advancing?
Or would it be conquered by lawyers in suits again?
Two homes. Two rooms. Two separate parents.
One parent and one parents
To be joined again.
Divorced, separated, gone, split apart.
Holy matrimony cannot save them now.
Through sickness and health, richer or poor, good or bad…
Could I have changed their lives?
Divorced because of me.

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