You Left

April 16, 2012
By Anonymous

I don’t remember the last
Time I saw you for more than
Two weeks.
I bet its
Been years.
You left me and
Mom back in 96’
Only caring about you.
I was two, fatherless,
Traveling from house to house,
Hoping mom would find somebody better
To Raise me.
I was almost five
When I heard from you.
The day you called,
I was so angry, and frustrated,
I finally found somebody better than you,
Somebody who actually cared,
His name was Doug.
He was going to adopt me,
Because you were out of my life
And out of contact for almost two years.
You honestly think that it didn’t affect me?
It destroyed who I was as a child.
You always got my hopes up
When you said that you would call me,
And then you don’t,
You would set me in tears on the couch,
And mom would become so angry with you,
Because she didn’t like seeing her baby hurt.
You destroyed my childhood by
Not being there and now look,
I’m becoming a U.S. Marine,
I made my choices,
I could’ve been one of those kids, who didn’t care,
Who used drugs, and screwed my life,
But I didn’t.
I realized I’m worth more than that.
And I did it without you being a father to me.
I’m bringing back the honor to our family name
That you destroyed by leaving Mom and me.
You think you have time to fix things between us,
That’s not up to me,
The only one who has to commit,
Is you.

The author's comments:
it is a story of my life

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