Within My Tower

April 16, 2012
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I’m looking down
From within my tower, so high off the ground.
My life has passed, shattered like glass.
Right in front of my willowing eyes.
In the end was my fame worth my demise?
Pulsating thoughts run inside my veins
And my endorphins no longer work.
Eden’s Garden flew right by my vision.
Did I see it, or did the sight go by?
Now I’m calling your name.
I don’t think that this was my fate.
So answer me back,
Am I going insane?
Please pave the way to a world that I’ve not yet lived.
The path might be rigid, but I’m willing,
Because here I stand,
With nothing left to offer.
I feel the hatred, the smell is in the air.
It burns through my flesh and bones,
And makes me weak to the knees.
I’m still calling, but there’s no answer.
Not yet anyways, but I still have faith.
A strong, reassured faith that you’ll help me through this
And to help me change my past, from wrong to right.
That you’ll help me get on the direction I need to be.

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