The Room

April 16, 2012
You can’t see anything in here,
Everything is becoming nothing,
Like you walked into a new world.
The room was dark with nothing on the walls,
Painted black the room was simply dreadful,
Windows shut and blinds down, light rarely entered.
Walking in was like asking for an onset of depression,
Just a heavy set bed and a black hardwood dresser that carried all of the luggage,
A heavy bundle trapped in the night like black.
There was a time when the blinds were lifted,
And what was never seen before,
Was now a beautiful bright expanse.
Joy and happiness coming in through ventilation,
The walls were warm yellow,
Inviting everyone into its outspread arms.
A closet was there to spread out the carried weight,
A small little nightstand for the personal things,
The room transformed with the simple introduction of light.
Nobody could have imagined the beauty inside,
That dark little depressing room.
It changed, It transformed,
To shed the truth behind the line,
Nothing is what it seems from appearance.

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