Your Loss

April 16, 2012
By Anonymous

It all began when I was 2 months old
You had a chance to be a dad
But you must have thought prison was a better place
You got what you deserved
Then you tried to get back into my life
You were such an amazingly awful parent
What kind of person locks a 4 year old in a basement
And then you left me again
Why do you think I’d want you as a Dad
Once mom died you thought you had me
You thought you could just take advantage of me
You thought you could make me somebody else
You thought you could actually be my parent
But instead I made your life a living hell
It’s what you and your wife deserve
For all this trouble in my life you have caused
Everyday living with you
I consider all of those days a form of child abuse
All I was good for was that Six Hundred Dollars
So when I got up and left
And went to where I call home
You tried to make things worse
By threatening me with stupid little things
Telling me you wish I was never born
And every time you lost your job
All of the blame just came to me
You were constantly interrupting my life
But now I will be heard loud and clear
And you will hear me say
I love hating you
Because I have every reason in the world to
I was already traumatized for life
You just made things One-Hundred times worse
But luckily I’ve been barely hanging on
And once those papers were signed
You and I were completely done
I’ve finally rid you of my life
Once and for all.

The author's comments:
It's about my biological dad and just part of the story behind it

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