Graduation is near, and we are all in deep fear

April 16, 2012
By heybrittney BRONZE, White Lake, Michigan
heybrittney BRONZE, White Lake, Michigan
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Looking into the future, never seemed so close
Graduation always seemed so far away, junior high seemed like yesterday
Three months left of high school, three months left of fun
Soon to be in the real world, time to get work done
Stress and anxiety is going through the roof, scared for myself, and my future itself
Not sure where I’m going, but I have a good clue
Not sure what the future hold, but I know it will be bold
I’ve always been told to follow my dreams, and do what makes me happy
So that is what I will do, and will not quit until I get there
Family and friends are all I need
To make this dream come true
Living big in New York, but it will not come knocking on my door
You have to work, work hard for what you want
Almost as if it was a mountain, you’re climbing to the top
Don’t ever stop half way there; you will never see the other side
Never stop until you get there, put all you’re potential into what you do
You will succeed, I promise you that
Do what makes you happy, not what others want
It’s your life today, and in the future, its time to decide what you make of it
Follow your dreams and what you love
For it is up to you, you can do anything you want to,
As long as all your effort is put in
A wise successful man once said, who passed away happy and free
Love your life, and work for what you want, you only have one, and it will never be given back.

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