Tell Me

April 15, 2012
Tell me how to be like you.
Tell me your secrets, your knowledge, your every thought.
Tell me how to be like you.
Mold me form me hold me stretch me shape me
to be just like you.
Open up the door to enlightenment; ignite the fire in my heart
tell me how to be like you.
Let me inside of your mind, heart, and soul
empty your insides into me
pour every ounce of life you have
inside of me.
Can it be true?
Do you hold the answers
the secrets
the truth
of how to be happy. To keep the happiness alive. To bask in it bathe in it soak in it.
Let me know the secret. Please.
Shine your light on me, let it into every darkened crevice of my blackened heart.
How do you stay happy?
Is happiness a lie?
A blatant lie…but
how do you have it?
Do you possess happiness? Or does happiness possess you?
Your rich laughter haunts me at night.
Your blinding smile sets me ablaze.
You radiate an intense feeling
you draw people into your spider’s web
and they turn into you, you let them in on your secret.
Draw me into your web, wrap your spindly legs around me, pierce my skin with your
Tell me how to be like you.

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