that smile

April 18, 2012
By inferno321 SILVER, Oxon Hill, Maryland
inferno321 SILVER, Oxon Hill, Maryland
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Sitting in a place where I feel the safest. The shadows cover the area as if the moon came out and the night took over the sky. Drips of water repeatedly bangs against the window as if someone was their. I can hear loud noises coming from the sky, the gods must be fighting but for what reason. As I poke my head up I see gloomy clouds as if someone hurt them and they cried until the pain faded. Who would hurt something that follows the wind, who would hurt something that we look a bond in grassy plains. As they cry their last tears I head can hear a voice...a voice I heard long ago calling my name over and over. Hours felt like year under the comfort of the shadows alone and scared. The voice gets closer and the shadows comfort me once more. "Where are you?" The voice said sounding worried. I can feel the shadows fading away, leaving like a bird learning how to fly. Light and warmth cover my body and I can see a person smiling in front me. Long black hair, white teeth, and that smile...that smile changed everything. My eyes open and tears started to fall. Mommy! The last thing I remember saying. Mommy only a few people can say they got one but everyone has a mother in some type of way. Nothing can over come the warm smile of someone you love.

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