You Can't Claim Me

April 18, 2012
By monkeymegmo BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
monkeymegmo BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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You can’t claim me

I listen, I have all my life.
To the words you scream in my face,
Telling me to be there more for my family,
Telling me to do more for you,
Telling me that it is hard for you.
What about my feelings, thoughts, and voice?
I wait for you to hear my words.
For you to even seem interested in what it is I have to say,
But you don’t.
I don’t need you.

You criticize while I fantasize and break me down
Picking at all that I do wrong.
Leaving me wondering what it exactly was I did.
Believing I am just a kid who has never done anything that wrong.
Yet knowing I am not perfect.
But for who’s benefits? Your own?
I don’t need you.

You ignore what I feel.
Telling you what I need
Finally being courageous enough
To look in your soulless, dead, deep brown eyes.
And hers
That stands beside you as she glares
Backing your every move.
Doing whatever is best for her,
Not us,
Not me.
Hearing her footsteps trudge through the halls, I tremble.
Knowing her voice is sure to scream.
Terrified of what is to come.
Wondering what it is I did to upset her this time.
But who cares?
You never seemed to.
My efforts get me nowhere with you.
I don’t need you.

Shedding the cold hard glass tears
That creep down my cheeks.
Leaving permanent scars
That have shaped me.
You can’t help me.
You won’t help me.
I don’t need you.

I am done trying to be closer with you.
I have my own life to live for myself.
I know what I have to do,
Responsible for my own actions.
I hate the way you think and make me feel.
Hurt, upset, and confused,
On what it was I ever did to you.
I don’t need you.

You may be what has raised me until this end,
But I am my own original opinionated person.
You don’t comprehend the decisions I make everyday.
I know I am still just a child in your cynical eyes
As sharp as glass piercing, digging
Deep down into my unhealthy mind,
But what good is a child with no one to face her towards
The deafening eyes of reality, future, or pain.
You never prepared me.
I had to prepare myself!
I don’t need you.

You say you want the best,
A bright future,
With what seems as a dimly lit beginning.
Hoping I will be more successful with my knowledge.
But for me? Or you?
I made this decision,
Not with your help.
I don’t need you.

Looking at you then I always wanted more.
Seeing you like this now,
Doing this to her,
I don’t understand.
The scratchy beard I see
With thick black bushy eyebrows to match
Once were soft and gentle,
Now turned cold and scratchy.
Turned evil with fire that burns in your manipulated mind
That over throws your icy heart.

I loved you.

I despise what you have made me today.
You continuously try now
To make sure you steal the title for gifted parent.
Where were you before?
She always came to my side.
Now you think you can claim me?
I don’t need you.

I am not yours to keep.
Soon I will leave, I will be off
To venture alone for me, not you
With your dry cracked feet trailing close behind.
Making decisions for me.
I don’t need you,
You can’t claim me,

So I break the chains you shackled
As they crackle at my feet.
I will do the things my way.
Stand up to the ones who block my path
For me instead of you, since you never seemed to care.
I don’t need you, I don’t want you.
You can’t claim me.

The author's comments:
This poem means a lot to me. My relationship with my father has not always been the greatest. Recently I have had events happened to inspire this poem and I hope you enjoy!

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