April 18, 2012
By Michael Hart BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Michael Hart BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Irresponsible is not the right word
How about stupid? Still not right
Not unaware, clueless, or unintelligent.
Perhaps a total lack of respect
So foolish in their decisions
No reason in their logic
They fail to acknowledge the world around them
Life is theirs to waste away
Didn’t you know?
Seems like a great way to live, and sure to last
Potential is dangerously degraded
Possibilities are suddenly shut down
One thing leads to another and you may find yourself


Without the help of family, friends, anyone
Those who stuck by you have stood you up and abandoned you
But only because you did it to them first
Only because you thought they would never leave your side
The things that matter most are not the ones you choose
You were forgiven without cause
But didn’t change your ways,
Had no regret in going back into the devils arms
Now you sit and drink some of that
How does it taste?
Not quite the buzz you had heard about
Not the party you imagined
Sleeping it off won’t help the slightest
This is the real world
A rough tough place without tolerance for immaturity
One without room for the dull, underachieving slack offs.
A reality that has been here the whole time
But your individual agenda seemed to take all the time
Well now you get to see it sober
A newborn in a foreign land
Good thing you cared in school
Received a good education and are prepared to meet the challenges of life
Wait? You mean you overslept and missed that train
Well good luck playing catch up
Have fun starting from behind
When you finish let me know
I’d be curious to see,
Do good morals finish last?

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