Sky's Eyes

April 18, 2012
By forrestseng BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
forrestseng BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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That blade of grass
You just walked all over,
You ruined his day.

He was alone.
He was hanging on
From his last limb.
He didn’t want people
To see him this way.

He’s crushed.
He fell to his knees.
He broke down.
You walked all over him

The sky’s eyes were looking down on him.

Filled with water.
They were about to burst.

He needed someone.
Someone that you weren’t
And you were never there.
You ruined his day.

The world around him
Was bright and sunny.
He felt as if
Everyone but him
Was happy.
You ruined his day.

He was hurt.
He was bent down
No one could see him

He was laughed at by
His friends around him.
The kind of snickering laugh
That haunts him
To this day.
You ruined his day.

His friends didn’t know what to do.
They acted like nothing was wrong
Because they were afraid
Of what might happen.

They were scared.
They were bruised and broken.
They were hurt by
His actions
They were alive while
They knew everything
But nothing at the same time.

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