Just Listen

April 18, 2012
I’m walking and it’s dark,
blurred faces hurry by and I’m confused.
I hear the noise of senseless chatter
but cannot find myself.

My bodies numb I cannot feel,
is this fake, am I real?
So lost and guarded; God help me now
I’m losing, i’m losing.

No one here to hear me cry,
or understand my sobs.
Open my eyes and there you are
just a man with open ears.

Suddenly the fog fades
and the dark turns into light,
faces come to focus
this is my beginning.

I did not know who I was
or how I ended up here,
but now I feel my heart is beating
And the world is so alive.

Suddenly it all makes sense,
what I needed could be found.
Open ears someone to talk,
i’m winning, i’m winning!

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