Falter as my Heart Trips

April 17, 2012
By Kati_Leigh SILVER, Greensboro, North Carolina
Kati_Leigh SILVER, Greensboro, North Carolina
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Falter as my heart trips
I can’t seem to let it go,
As my stomach turns and dips,
I know this shouldn’t be so,
Shouldn’t I be over this?
Shouldn’t this be done?
So long I’ve waited for this to end,
But alas, there is none

After so much time has passed,
I’ve now begun to wonder,
What is truly “this”?
An enchantment I am under?
Every time I think it’s true,
That I’ve cleared my heart of you,
I see you once more,
All of my work, out the door

I know that since all’s ended,
Things have gotten easier,
The painful heartaches have come to stop,
And I know that I feel freer,
I’ve been able to move on,
But I know that it won’t leave,
Did seeing me with someone else,
Hurt you any?

Even though I may be fine,
Most days of the week,
And your smile directed my way,
No longer makes my knees weak,
But there’s something about what happened,
Perhaps not a proper closure,
Or maybe it’s that normal feeling,
Of always caring for the one "
You call your first love

The author's comments:
You never quite get over your first love...
I wrote this as we were studying Emily Dickinson, so this is (attempting to) emulate her style a little bit.

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