The Destination of Procrastination

April 16, 2012
By nobody0617 PLATINUM, Aiken, South Carolina
nobody0617 PLATINUM, Aiken, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"It's absolutely amazing the power of words. It can make you laugh. It can make you cry. It can change your view of the world or it can change the world's view of you." -Me

If you’re like me, then you’ll study for your quiz/test/oral presentation
Exactly twenty four hours before said event,
And you’ll either stay up all night preparing for it
Or you’ll start cramming five minutes before you enter the classroom—
Yeah, it’s usually the latter for me too!
But do you ever feel that if you stuff anymore info into your school-resistant brain, you’ll explode?
For me, all that knowledge gets jumbled, scrambled,
And tossed around like a chef’s salad—“word salad” I call it—
But they’re all random facts thrown together
None of which makes sense…
Common Sense, a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine and published in 1776.
But it’s this throbbing pain on the crown of my head
Theme: Procrastination yields great pain and suffering.
Most of the time, I'll talk it out with my friends.
They'll stare blankly at me as if I’m speaking another language,
Pero yo pienso que todos los estudiantes deban estudiar para sus pruebas.
These days, in regular conversation,
I’ll ask someone if I’ve gone off on a tangent, and they’ll say,
“Are you talking about last night’s math homework, or are you just talking?”
I’ll call someone in the late hours of the night and beg for the reading pages for English.
Poetry of Percy Kelly, John Sheets, and Lord Bryan, right?
As far as cheating goes, cheaters never prosper
And unrefrigerated eggs don’t last more than a day.

I’m used to getting less than or equal to zero hours of sleep due to late night studying.
I'll wake up asking myself
If Ulysses S. Grant was the President of the Underwater Basket Weaving Club
And Henry Ford was the President of the United States?
Later in class I’ll ponder the recipe for pie
3.14 cups of sugar, right?
Now how am I supposed to measure that?
At my school, everyone has the same overstressed look—it’s like the plague!
The Black Plague that was passed by the fleas on the rats, or was it moles?
A mole that is 6.02 X 1023.
Mnemonic: adj., assisting or intended to assist memory
Mnemonic: N-E-W-M-O-N-I-C—BEEP! Wrong answer!
Nowadays, teachers will gawk at you the moment a single detail slips your mind,
“How dare you forget who Hank Morgan is!”
Oh, the horror! The horror!
Making a test grade of anything lower than an 85 does not compute.
Warning, Will Robinson, warning!
Some time in your life, you'll say, “How will I ever use this?”
Well, there's a funny story about that...

So in Physical Science, E=mc²
e- stands for an electron
An I is pronounced E in Spanish
i is an imaginary number where i=?-1
I before E except after C but an exception to this is “science”
I’d is the contraction for I would and the id has something to do with Sigmund Freud...
Who knows what?
WW equals wrong word.
C3H8 Go Propane!
LOL—ha ha, laugh out loud… or lots of luck… or even, love out loud
And ASDFGHJKL; is…well, that’s just a line on a keyboard—
But now as test time slowly approaches,
Sometimes, it's best to face our problems head on
As Sir Gawaine had done with the Green Knight.

May we stand strong without cowering any longer in fear of what could come,
May we take the test and not resort to the temptations of cheating,
May we one day learn our lesson about procrastination,
And realize that putting off ‘til tomorrow doesn’t always work
When today is the day of the test.

The author's comments:
Procrastination is a dangerous road to go down, so please avoid it at all costs.

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