Does anyone know her?

April 15, 2012
By , toronto, Canada
Does anyone know her?
Does anyone care?
That she’s a strong willed girl
Putting others before her
With utmost manners
And very tolerant too.
She was as forgiving as she was kind
With a bright smile on her tear stained face
Knowing how it felt to love.
Did you know?
That, fairies were her friends,
Bullies were her foes
Her mail box full of hatred
Even from people she didn’t know.
Her mother always shunned her
Her father who was he?
She knew no parenting love
Let alone her family tree.

Her face was an open book
If anyone bothered to read
A book in a foreign language
With millions of words to say
Word if she chose to speak
Nobody would want to hear
And that’s why her fountains run dry
Cause nobody wants a drink

Her anger didn’t show
Until the very end
For at that time things got better
She thought she found a friend.

But that “friend” stabbed her back
And the cut went deep
Till the point her anger patch her wounds
And her heart took a nasty turn
Her cherub self was buried away
Probably never to see the light of day

Did anyone know her?
Did anyone care?
Cause if you saw her now you wouldn’t know her
And probably wouldn’t care.
Yes, she knew how it felt to love
But she didn’t know how it felt to be loved.

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