April 15, 2012
By Josie-R GOLD, Maple Grove, Minnesota
Josie-R GOLD, Maple Grove, Minnesota
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I hate this part, I dread the very day.
Its so f***ed up, how it always ends this way.

I wish these beautiful things could last forever.
I wish these days would never end, Never.

The last second vanishes, and alone I stand.
No longer will we walk. Heart to heart, hand in hand.

But regret will fade, bruises will heal.
The scars that were left were all part of the deal.

It may not seem fair, or ok or alright.
But really, its not like goodbye is something you can fight.

I guess loosing you doesnt mean it has to be the end.
It only means if I want to love you, Ill just have to pretend.

The silver has spoken, the gray clouds have been lined.
I know that I cant live my life stuck on rewind.

So sad as you seem. Alone as you are.
You have to think to yourself. at least we got this far.<3

The author's comments:
In Remeberance <3

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