If i were a dove

April 15, 2012
If i were a dove I will bring peace to all the land
If i were a dove i will fly east and the wast and tell them I am here to let you have faith in love
If i were a dove i will fly north and south to know the new life that come ahead of time.
If i were a dove all the countries around the world that had sin will know when to forgive
If i were a dove people who lost the faith in love will be renewed and try to give marriage a second chance and understand time of life and believed there is love and know the point of love
I i were a dove i will bring peace, love, faith and kindness to let people know there is nothing to be afraid of there is a new way to find love and rename the place that was once full of hatred will be renamed the LAND OF LOVE AND PEACE that will make you not worried no more and make you find love once again and give love a second chance. if i know a way from a breaking heart which can be put together again

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