No Regrets

April 15, 2012
By Anonymous

I’ve felt the hatred engulfing me,
Pinning me to the ground,
Suffocating me as I struggle to climb back up.
I’ve watched in horror as my friends were torn to shreds.
Just a few people,
With a sole mission—to bring them down.
I watched them experience the same pain I had.
Watching, is worse than feeling.

I've screamed friends' names,
as they sneak to death's door.
I've yanked them away with only seconds to spare.
Hours of pleading,
and they still turn around longingly.
They yearn to know what will happen
when the doorknob turns,
and they get to look death in the face.

I was thankful for my pain.
For the first time, it had a use.
I was able to help others;
I was able to find a smile back in a mountain of refuse.
I was a friend who could relate,
One they could confide in.
I was a friend who understood, and a friend that would always be there for them.

I have no regrets,
Nothing in my life that I wish I could change.
The pain, sorrow, and grief has always brought me to something amazing.
I believe everything has a reason.
By going through pain,
I now know how to help others from the dark.
I’ve discovered how to light the torch,
and I've learned to pass the light.
From one to another,
simple actions of caring could mean the world to someone.
Everything has a reason.
Have no regrets.

The author's comments:
I was bullied as a kid, and a lot of my friends have struggled with bullies and have turned to suicide. :(

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