High Sights of Freedom

April 15, 2012
By N.S.Clow GOLD, Aurora, Illinois
N.S.Clow GOLD, Aurora, Illinois
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Freedom is like parachuting from the sky.

Freedom is the feel of wind blowing on your face,

Through your hair, pressing your jeans to your

The feel of the adrenaline rush through your

Freedom is the feel of going straight down on a roller

Freedom is driving behind the wheel

For the first time,

Without any parents scolding you.

The feel of your heart beating every second because your nervous,
excited, scared.

Freedom is jumping up and down,

Knowing you just won the war.

Freedom is running down the field,

Holding the American Flag in triumph,

Holding the country’s source of freedom.

We fight for freedom.

We breathe the air of freedom.

We long for eternity of freedom.

We kill for what is right:


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